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Hillary Clinton launched a blistering assault versus Sen. Bernard Sanders Thursday night on weapon control, casting the Vermont senator as a trustworthy advocate of the NRA and saying he’s failed on several events to hold the weapon market liable.He has mainly been a reliable supporter of the NRA throughout his 25 years in Congress, Mrs. Clinton said at a Democratic governmental argument in Brooklyn.

She specifically pointed out Mr. Sanders vote against legislation that would’ve enabled gun manufacturers to be accountable for mass shootings.can a bank sue you.

Mrs. Clinton called that vote an outright abdication of responsibility on the part of those who elected it, and said no other market has specific legal protections versus liability if its items eliminate people.

This is a special gift offered to just one market on the planet by the United States Congress, she said.

Mr. Sanders stood by his position while likewise rejecting that he is a puppet for the NRA.


I voted versus this gun liability law because I was worried that in rural areas all over this nation that if a weapon shop owner sells a weapon lawfully to someone which person then heads out and kills somebody, I do not think it is appropriate for that gun store owner to be taken legal action against, Mr. Sanders said.

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